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swirly droney dubby spacey loopy music

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This is a community for discussing music that swirls, drones, echoes, reverbs, loops, blips. Music that takes influences from shoegazer, indie-rock, dub, techno, ambient, 20th-century classical and other sources, and puts them together in odd ways. Music that uses guitars where you wouldn't expect them, synths and samples where you wouldn't expect them, and maybe even string quartets or glockenspiels to keep you on your toes.

The name is taken from a 1993 EP by Seefeel, whose combination of looped guitar noise, dub bass, discreet beats and voice-as-an-instrument pretty well exemplifies one facet of this sound. Other touchpoints are the spooky reverbscapes of Labradford and later Talk Talk, the sprawling "post-rock" of Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Mogwai and Tarentel, the pastoral semi-acoustic techno of Boards Of Canada and Mum, the hypnotic shimmer of Windy & Carl and yellow6.

As the owner/moderator I'd like to keep this community focused on this sort-of genre, hard though it is to define ... but frankly I'm more interested in quality than staying on-topic. Given a choice between an inane misspelled post about Labradford or a well-written thoughtful discussion of Pink Floyd, I'll take the latter.