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New Hollydrift EP!

Hollydrift has a new self-released limited edition EP entitled, "Tochter."  It is available for free -- all you have to do is write Mathias a personal letter!  Find out all the details, and watch a video of one of the tracks on "Tochter" here:

Here's a brief description of the EP, courtesy of

"The music on Tochter is slightly different than you have come to expect from Hollydrift.  While the music contains the same type of overdriven sound present in the music of Hollydrift since early 2003, it offers more melodic forays into the static.  A field recording of an American pioneer era textile machine, old synthesizers and even a drum machine make an appearance on Tochter... You will find a noisy simplicity on Tochter that is conducive to a more relaxed experience without the clutter of concentrated listening..."

Do yourself a huge favor and check out this new release from one of the most impressive and intriguing experimental soundscapers currently creating audio art.  Thanks.
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