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Amp are back!

Amp, always my sweetheart crush of the whole '90s Bristol post-shoegaze scene [Flying Saucer Attack, 3rd Eye Foundation, Movietone, etc.] lasted only a few years before vanishing after their disappointing third album "Stenorette". But today I was trolling through the new arrivals on eMusic and saw an album called "US" by "AMP". I know there had been at least one unrelated and undistinguished American band by that name, so I wasn't expecting much, but a few milliseconds into the preview snippet of the first track I knew my old flame was back.

Amp have a new album.

And if the rest of it lives up to the first track (which is all I've heard so far), it's an awesome album indeed, much more like the shimmery swirling murk of "Sirénes" than the poppy "Stenorette".

*sinks into the welcoming murk*

[Update: OK, it came out last year. It's still new to me :)]
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