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new Yagya CD

In addition to the new Loscil CD this week, just out is the long-awaited followup to Yagya's 2002 CD The Rhythm of Snow.

Will I Dream During the Process? is out on the relatively new Belgian label Sending Orbs. I suspect that this is the Yagya album that was due to arrive on Force Inc./Mille Plateaux years ago, but was canceled due to, well, that company going bankrupt.

As you might expect, the sound here is very similar to the first Yagya disc, but a little more expansive and varied between tracks. The Basic Channel style kickdrum is still there, but the focus is still predominantly ambient atmospherics. "Choose," which originally appeared on the Sutemos MP3 compilation Flow.ers, is included on the CD. I know there are several pure_impure and ambient_music members who're already smitten with Yagya's debut and this one will certainly not disappoint.

Available for a mere €12.50 at the Sending Orbs site.

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But since he's on a new label, it might not show up on EMusic (unlike the first one). I'm not sure about this "buying a CD" thing ... it's been a while.

At least I can download that Sutemos compilation, which I somehow overlooked last year. Thanks!
Some of the newer indie electronic labels are taking advantage of downloadable releases. Hard to say if Sending Orbs is going to be one of them, though.

You trying to reduce clutter, or something?
I like clutter. No, the downloading is all about instant gratification, and saving money. (EMusic is about 25¢ a track.)