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Hollydrift and Anaphylaxis performing live!

Really cool news! Anaphylaxis and Hollydrift will both be performing live in the near future! At this point, they are performing separately, but we're hoping to set up at least a couple shows (in the Chicagoland area?) for them together at some point. Here are the details so far...

Hollydrift (aka Mathias Anderson) is performing on March 27th, 2006, at Emerald City in Cedar Rapids, IA. Here is your chance to experience Hollydrift's electronic headtrip amalgamations for yourself! Hollydrift will be touring with Litmus0001. They are planning to visit several Midwestern cities during this Spring 2006 tour. If you are interested in having Hollydrift play in your town, please contact:

Anaphylaxis (aka Jason Coffman) will be opening for Lovers on Tuesday, March 28th, 2006, at Corduroy's Espresso Spot in Chicago, IL. Jason's performances are always engaging and lovely, and this show will be in a low-key, intimate setting. Show time is 7 pm. Lovers is a really cool indie band from Portland. Check out the Lovers Myspace page to hear some of their songs.

More info coming as we get it... you can also visit and for additional details. Thanks.

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