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windy & carl DVD

New DVD-R courtesy of features concert and interview footage of both Windy & Carl and Jessica Bailiff.

From the Brainwashed site:

"We're excited to present the latest EYE DVD now available in the commerce section, featuring two of Brainwashed's hometown superheroes (well, it just means we host their websites!) The Jessica Bailiff segment has been expanded to a complete hour, including some more footage from the Paris show while the Windy & Carl segment has been completely re-cut, combining footage into one continuous 39-minute concert.

The main portion of the concerts were shot at Stormy Records and Windy & Carl will be appearing at this year's Terrastock Festival in Providence, Rhode Island, and Jessica Bailiff is hot on the heels of releasing her fourth solo album. With Rachel Staggs as Eau Claire, they will be performing at 2006's South By Southwest in Austin."

I've got my copy and it's great. I'm working on distilling the W&C concert into an MP3 for non-visual listening pleasure. I can upload this to my website if anybody else wants it (just make sure you support Brainwashed by buying a copy of the DVD-R as well!).

The Eye, volume 12, is available here.

Jessica Bailiff site.
Windy & Carl site.
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